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The Space Island

In pre-production / TV Documentary (mini-series) and Film

A fragment of land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with about 5,000 inhabitants. Supposedly the first island in the Azores to be sighted around 1427. A few years later Christopher Columbus moored here on the journey back of his first trip to America. Although isolated due to its peripheral position, in 1929 the Marienses were surprised by the sight of a Zeppelin that overflew them slowly on its way America. The World was changing and would soon redefine Santa Maria's social, economic and cultural structure.

The two episodes of “The Space island” with the provisional titles “Stories that History has not told” and “From this island you can see the sky” will have Pepe Brix as the protagonist, a Mariense photographer with an international career that we will accompany in his (re) discovery journey of the island. With him we will observe a world happening and another that has already happened. Pepe will be a kind of 17th century explorer, who breaks geography - in space and time - to guide us through the stories that inhabit Santa Maria.

The two episodes are structured like a logbook which organizes and reorganizes the information it collects, having the photographic legacy of Pepe's family as a starting point. There is a decisive cut from the first episode to the second, assuming different languages ​​in view of Pepe's position in the documentary, combining the anthropological record with the futuristic portrait, without ever abandoning the feeling of travel-film: the places visited are always the same, the imposition of the film and its interpretative capacity gives them new meanings over and over again.